34 comments on “All Blacks legend joins USA rugby

  1. Legend???????…………haha Will only ever be remembered as the worst AB coach

  2. My dad, mum, Aunties, Uncles, Nanas, Grandads, Basically Ever single Family hates John… I was 8 back in 2003. so I have no hard feels. Good luck with everything mate. gg

  3. Good person at heart, just over analyses and over talks it. Word from ex AB.. wont say who.

  4. You Mr Mitchell have my respect.. from a Fan to a Coach.. we went through the World Cup losses together mate..

  5. California rugby tour thanks for shari Eubanks for getting that all organized 3 hours plane 9 days car and your spring dues can be made out to USA rugby.

  6. If you're building a team, John Mitchell's one of the best coaches to have. For the All Blacks…not so much.

  7. He dropped Cullen (even though milsy was a great great fullback but still HE dropped Cullen from the team. dam you sir.

  8. saints mary is ok cause its a saint but life university name is lame asfuk

  9. Not dissing the scrummy, probably better than I'll ever be but his passes were not quick or tight for the red-blue side.

  10. what i dont understand is why Americans use protective pads even though they are playing an English bred sport? People need to man up and play rugby properly without using pads, go somewhere like NZ or the UK and play proper rugby

  11. in the scrum when there is a yellow card you must have even numbers and the ref didnt do this schoolboy error for a national championship game

  12. st. mary's in-center is an animal. he's gonna be a good eagle if he chooses so.

  13. It bothers me that the referee, Phil Akroyd, whistles plays dead so quickly without playing advantage or giving the offender even a chance to back off. You will see the best referees in world rugby talk to the players and tell them to back off or roll away and give them a moment and give a team that is being awarded a penalty or scrum a chance to advance using advantage first. Mr. Akroyd blows these penalties up without any leeway like its a penalty via rigid American Football "code" rather than through flexible, maleable rugby union "laws".

  14. I can't help but see some of these guys looking pretty out of shape. I mean I get being a bodybuilder wouldn't be advantageous but come on guys lift a little. it improves your power

  15. I thought the shoulder charger on the 12 at 57:00 ish was yellow card worthy he lined him up and took him out.

  16. Same St. Mary's College which is located near San Francisco & best known in recent years for recruiting basketball players from Australia?

  17. The National NCAA D1 Championship, there were TENS in attendance. The broadcast announcer was excited by the "touchdowns" and "two point" penalty kicks. And how about the biotch that was screaming non-stop the entire game for no reason. Yeah top quality stuff here.

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