20 comments on “Can USA become a force in rugby?

  1. California rugby tour thanks for Shari Eubanks for getting that all organized 3 hours plane 9 days car and your spring dues can be made out to USA rugby. College rugby.

  2. This is great, the americas will marginally get much better when they do tournaments like this… now they only need their own type of super rugby so players can constantly play and continuously build up experience.

  3. I think the U.S. has even longer to go before becoming a force in rugby than in soccer. But I think we're not quite as absolute rubbish as we used to be. We beat Wales in the USA Sevens tournament, and Wales are no pushover.

  4. I am really happy with the #ARC2016. It's a great oportunity for us here to grow in rugby. My country, Brazil, just won a dramatic game, our first victory, and I hope it gives more strength to have more visibility, not to mention we'll have the Olympic Games here next year.

  5. it's the alternative team of Argentina vs first team USA but yeah pretty good match by USA. I wish the pumas play this tournament instead of a second team it will help USA and the other teams a lot to improve their rugby

  6. no doubt about it,USA is fastest growing rugby in the world,this competition is just what every team in it needs,we are already seeing improvements brazil beating chile for first time,in five years argentina will be sending the pumas or they'll get beaten,more players every year,more spectators,more coverage-isn't there going to be a nth American super series starting soon ,combining with Canada next year?should see a super series starting in sth America eventually,top team from every country which would bring in players from Jamaica,central America,mexico -future is looking  good

  7. Argentina has a couple teams: Pumas-jaguares-pampas and Argentina XV. We used Argentina XV in this tournament, meanwhile the jaguares (jaguars) are playing the Super Rugby cup. Argentina XV it's like a younger team, they just "beggining", in Argentina we have hundred of regional teams.

  8. Much like soccer until some Great athletes start playing rugby instead of football, basketball etc, its going to be tough..

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