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CEO Required For USA Rugby

RSR Partners, an executive recruitment firm, has been taken on board to find the next eligible candidate for the CEO position of USA Rugby. The current leader of the organization is Dan Payne, who announced his retirement from the post in the month of July after the Rugby World Cup Sevens finishes in San Francisco.

USA Rugby is based out of Lafayette, California. This governing body at the national level works for the promotion of the sport across the country and has a full member team in the United States Olympic Committee as well as in World Rugby. Korn Ferry two years back, conducted a search and brought in Mr. Payne to take the position. As Mr. Payne has announced his retirement, the organization has started to look for someone who would succeed him in this post.

Mr. Payne announced that the position requires a lot of time and travel which needs to be balanced with family responsibilities. As he felt that the formative years of his children need more of his time, he decided to step down from this position. He would, however remain associated with the game, staying on the board for Rugby International Marketing as chairman of the board. This outfit handles the commercial rights of USA rugby and creates new revenue sources that can help grow the sport in the country. Many feel that the Payne did a great job while he was in office. He came to office at a time when the game needs a stabilization support in the country. It is a transitional time; he came to the organization and helped stabilize its finances. The primary objective of the CEO position varies as per the pressing need of the game at that point in time. When Payne came in, the financial performance of USA Rugby had to be stabilized.