10 comments on “Kenya vs USA rugby sevens 05.03.2016 | Rugby World Series 7s 2015-16 Las Vegas

  1. The refereeing was horrible. Dan Barrett on multiple occasions did not release the player before contesting the ball. Gotta feel for Kenya

  2. Never liked Mitchell as a player or coach but wish him well with the USA team. Also he never captained the All Blacks at test level.

  3. California rugby tour thanks for Shari Eubanks for getting that all organized 3 hours plane 9 days car and your spring dues can be made out to USA rugby. College rugby.

  4. Hey. Bro. Steven Hansen. Will be continues on future coal " to All blacks betters. Unfortunately no one else fix on it. That its i recommends kiwi want some one. No talker just in actions that just like. …..ST…… H……N. Ok bro

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