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Richie McCaw, the former captain of the All Blacks has backed the new tackle directives laid out by the World Rugby. He did this despite criticisms from Billy Vunipola, England’s injured No. 8 who in the week past, was of the notion that the new directives set by the body has made the game become so soft.

However, McCaw is in support of the attempts by the World Rugby to limit head contact in the sport.

“If it’s going to change attitudes about how to tackle and make it safer for players, without ruining how the game is played, I don’t see it being a problem.

“People have got to adapt a little bit. That’s what you’ve got to do as a sportsman,” he said.

Charlie Ngatai, McCaw’s former All Black team-mate remains on the side line for almost a year after he suffered a head knock while playing last year for the Waikato Chiefs.

McCaw remains happy for the treatment he received as a player, but still believes that head injuries are a cause of concern, and should not be taken lightly.

During his time in the game, McCaw’s had suffered no less than six concussions from hits to the head. One of the concussions he suffered, had him spending about three months out of the game in 2004 so as to recover fully.

He also believes that the new directives on tackling made by the World Rugby is not something that would be enough to end or cause people lose interest. However, he wants it to be seen from the physical angle, as he hopes people will not be getting badly hurt.

For him, the directives on tackling are a welcome development as far as it does not change the game.