24 comments on “My thoughts on the New Zealand VS U.S.A rugby game

  1. not many teams beat new Zealand at rugby. don't worry about it. I'm from England. stick to NFL dudes

  2. If USA put the money into the game, they would dominate the sport. Just look at the 7's team, they definitely have potential.


  4. Respect to the U.S 7s team but 15s is real rugby. If the n.f.l wasn't invented I think America would do pretty well, and would be a formidable force. But this isn't the case and margins like this will continue to happen. The Eagles blew chances because they knew they were not worthy. Black!…

  5. Haha as long as you had a good time watching. Sometimes I go just for the atmosphere.
    Would be so cool to have an NFL team come to NZ and for us to put up a team to play them.. We would get destroyed!! But would be fun and awesome to watch!!

  6. New Zealand is number one, they are currently sitting on 18 wins in a row, against the top tier teams. I wouldn't worry to much, Rugby is not as popular in the US.

  7. It would be the same if our basketball team played yours . Rugby is our game.

  8. The All Blacks is playing Ireland in Chicago again, you should check it out. I think it's in November.

  9. chur bro.who would have knowen a small nation like NZ is good at somthing..i watched the game USA did good..cool vid.

  10. Great video, great comments, great enthusiasm. Hopefully USA will get more games against the top teams, then they will start to compete. It's not really a level playing field at the moment. I'm enjoying seeing rugby grow in the USA. Hopefully, they are not too far away from beating a Tier 1 side (Italy, Scotland, Argentina, Ireland, Wales etc).

  11. the all blacks are the most dominating sports team in the world and thats including any american sporting francise,no sports team has acieved what the all blacks are about to in the next 3 games ever in sporting history and that is winning…..

  12. In the past few weeks I've seen quite a few league games. I watched the final 3 games of the NRL season. Ive also watched 4 of the Four Nations games. And the Super League final as well. Quality play. I can unequivocally say this game was up there with all of them. This was a slugfest that I've watched twice now. I can't express my appreciation for watching my fellow countrymen playing this beautiful game. Thanks for the upload. Go USA Hawks!

  13. I believe USA and Canada are hosting the 2025 World Cup. Great opportunity now for young Americans to really get into this sport and build for that. Hopefully some investment will come and this will grow the sport.

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