20 comments on “New Zealand vs USA rugby 7s full match Singapore 7s

  1. common usa, if you say football is more harder and aggressive then rugby you should run over rugby players like nothing, but if i remember correct, usa hasn't scored a singe try againts nz in rugby union. and yes, rugby union is different from 7's

  2. Wtf? Did my team almost comeback to beat the All Blacks??? That´s pretty good if you ask me lol

  3. California rugby tour thanks for shari Eubanks for getting that all organized 3 hours plane 9 days car and your spring dues can be made out to USA rugby.

  4. damn ben cima born in argentina, why ont he play for them, he was only in america since he was 16

  5. GREAT ESPN COVERAGE and both this game and ARG were real good…love USA style of play recently !

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