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  1. Greetings from Wales, loving the US content, subscribed and looking forward to much content in the future!

  2. I really liked your channel. you found yourself a new sub, also follow me on twitter as well @alexcardoza23 🙂

  3. @AmericanMuscle881 those are just teams in the USA there have been loads of Canadian players that have won the stanley cup since 93 even tho a canadian team hasn't. Also look who has won in the last few USA vs Canada olympic matches, CANADA looool. 

  4. Rugby is more about technique than it is strength. Every player must learn how to run, pass, kick, ruck, some player need to learn how to scrum and line out, there's a lot to it so if America tried their best for 40 years it still wouldn't help. Look at players like sonny bill Williams if you don't believe rugby has no true athletes

  5. I've been reading comments where Americans think they'd be better if they had all the best nfl players in there rugby team. Ummm no they would all get tired after 5 minutes of sprinting around the field. New Zealand and South Africa have perfected the game and have pride in their jerseys. The only way USA would beat those teams is if they had their players but no money is better than that black or that green jersey. If you become an all black in NZ you're honored for ever

  6. Dude… I'm from the United States and let me tell you that you, alone, have that opinion. Well, maybe you and a few other red necks or insane people. Not exactly good company to keep, is it?

  7. Your welcome for all your fresh water most of your lumber and most of your oil. You are an idiot plain and simple just because we do not allow nut jobs to run around with guns in our country and because we are more civilized does not make us pussies come up here and find out you stupid cunt.

  8. Canada and USA are 'one of the worst ranked teams in rugby world'… what are trying to say here? Just so you're a bit more up to date on world rankings… Canada has jumped Japan and is one single point behind FIJI (13th), which I'm sure you don't see as one of the worst teams in international rugby, right? I do agree that the USA Eagles are not playing decent rugby at the moment (ranked 18th). fyi – Canada b e a t FIJI at recent PNC2013.

  9. Realize is the American spelling. realise is a legitimate spelling of the word. Also Jesus wasn't black, he was middle-eastern. You learnt something today didn't you?

  10. haha that guy was trying to bring up summer olympics…

    @Tom Cs do you know why everyone calls the summer olympics boring and a joke? the events are boring and worthless and theres only a few events that should actually be played in the summer olympics..

    dressage over lacrosse? i mean really.. LOL.. i guess lacrosse is too physical for the summer olympics

  11. lmao Canada and the US are both top 20 teams in rugby. And also the summer olympics doesn't count for shit because Canada cleaned up the Winter Olympics pretty well and brazil doesn't perform well at the winter olympics. As for the statement "Western Europeans are a bunch of pussies" though, thats bullshit.

  12. Man, as an american living in Canada, yes, Canadians benefit from trade with the US. But the natural resources they have could happily be shipped to other countries, making their economy just as booming as it is. Look at Alberta, the local oil economy there could almost support the entire country. Then look at water, timber, minerals, It would hurt us not to have trade with them. I doubt they would win or even want to fight in a military conflict, but they are certainly not a bitch country.

  13. Just remember Canada, whose your daddy? If we want to come up into your country and bang your wives and moms, nothing can stop us. Your government is our little bitch. You do what we say. Your economy depends on ours and you would be a 3rd world country without us. Canadians are faggots and pussies.

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