19 comments on “The fastest players in rugby? USA’s Isles and Baker

  1. Baker may not be quite as fast but technically he is a much better footy player, better defense and more knowledge of the game

  2. I'm not sure if this says more about the skill differences between the games or if it says something negative about the overall athleticism in 7s. I wouldn't have thought that marginal ammatuer football players would be considered anything special in Rugby. We're talking about two guys that weren't even recruited by FBS college programs that bring in 25 new players every year for 120 plus teams nation wide.

  3. California rugby tour thanks for Shari eubanks for getting that all organized 3 hours plane 9 days car and your spring dues can be made out to USA rugby. College rugby.

  4. I was the tight end prop for my school neuqua valley. I thought I was a senior in high school but I was never a senior I was a junior and I will only be a senior in August.

  5. He's fast but he's not a rugby player he is a 7 a side rugby player, there is a vast vast difference between the two,it's like football (soccer) and 5 a side football.For a start 7's lasts for 20 minutes while rugby lasts for 80 minutes, there are twice as many players on the field in rugby and the people playing are twice the size, it's sad to say but the man would need to stay away from playing in the game and be just a runner which would mean him team would be a man short for most of the game, if he had a 200 lb forward hit him hard he wouldn't feel much like running.

  6. usa rugby needs more fast black athletes to play and is not a knock on any other race at all i just think it would help our team out tremendously to compete with new zealand and australia and even south africa

  7. They might be fast but if they ever go against NZ they'd get smashed with Savea and Milner-skudder opposite them

  8. RUGBY will be the #1 Sport of the world soon!

    The world cup is already the third biggest sportevent there is after the olympics and football. And it is growing. No matter which version of Rugby they choose. It is made for mankind. A combination of every natural instinct that we have:

    – teamwork
    – speed
    – brutal force
    – being good with your hands
    – kicking
    – mental power
    – …

    Wait until the money is in that sport and it will explode!
    Interest of the people -> Advertisement -> Money -> Attractive to the best athletes there are!

  9. This is what Australia should be doing, pulling players out of the ranks of other sports to play rugby sevens…. can you imagine a team for Australia that included Greg Inglis and Jonny Thurston? Omg. No one would ever win a game against Australia! And that's not hyperbole, just a fact!

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