17 comments on “USA Eagles rugby vs Argentina Rugby 2016 full match ARC Round 1

  1. que ganas de regalr prestigio y agrandar giles mandando ese equipo sin experiencia. Por favor

  2. dose any have Aviva Rugby premiership game held at red bull arena stadium can you please up loaded please

  3. I wonder which Americans hate's rugby there are two version of rugby this which a 15 a side rugby and another one which is a 13 side rugby this is called rugby union the other rugby is called rugby league a simpler tittles is rugby codes

  4. Forward pass when you pass the ball it must not be thrown forward of where you are standing.

  5. Calfornia rugby tour thanks for shari eubanks for getting that all organized 3 hours plane 9 days car and your spring dues can be made out to USA rugby. College rugby.

  6. Cheering for your own team is one thing, and totally understandable. But booing the opposition every time they go to kick? Get some class, America.

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