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The World Rugby Union (WRU) has recently said that they would no longer take part in the historical World Cup agreement with Ireland, one that has existed since after a deal in 1999.

According to a number of sources, Wales will be throwing away potential multi-million cash windfall if they go on to turn down this deal.

A bid which will see Ireland host the 2013 rugby showpiece has been launched by the country. Where this is successful, Ireland would be bound to pay the Welsh Rugby Union a fee that could fall anywhere within 20% to 25% of the net financial benefits they generate from the competition.

This stems from a deal brokered in the past by Glanmor Griffiths, former WRU chairman which empowered Wales to become the main host of the tournament in 1999. The WRU was backed from other rugby unions from France, England, Scotland and Ireland.

In return, Wales made sure that these nations hosted some of the games and as such, shared in the profits generated during the tournament.

In 2007, Wales benefitted financially from the tournament held in France. The tournament was also hosted in 2015 by England and Wales also benefitted from it, as they staged some of the games at the then Millennium Stadium.

Ireland has also been said to have benefitted financially an amount to the tune of about £4m. A clause in the 1999 agreement between Ireland and Wales stipulates that where the tournament was hosted by Ireland, a fee would be paid to the WRU.

This news may not be received well by some of the Wales Rugby teams such as Dragons, Cardiff Blues, Scarlets and Ospreys. Officials with the two tiers, in the rugby game community, are said to be desperate for more funding.