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Wasps Win Against Worcester

Last weekend was an amazing game for the Wasps where they defeated the Worcester team with a score of 16-12. Indeed, the game was a close one and that made it the best wins in the present season, as per the director of the team, Dai Young.

One of the best performances was given by Brendan Macken who played center as he scored within the first half of the game. Indeed, the game was a brutal one as physicality played a factor here. That too was a challenge for the Wasps team as they were outnumbered as many of their best players were off the field due to injuries that they were recovering from.

There were a total of 15 players in the front line who were missing and even Danny Cipriani had been down with calf injury just before the game started. As a result, when the game started it seemed that the Wasps were at their vulnerable best.

Hence, it was assumed that the Worcesters will be able to dominate them and win the game by sheer force and numbers. In such a position the Wasps showed teamwork and resilience. They were able to restrict the attempts of the Worcesters as well in many instances.

Young stated that he was concerned with the large list of injuries that were plaguing the team. However, at the same time, the win against the Worcesters has definitely won back confidence among the remaining players. Hence, it is hoped that the team will be able to keep up the performance and the showcase similar teamwork in the field for the remaining games of the season. Miller was one of the players who was able to showcase great kicking skills and obtained 16 points for the team. Overall, all players were able to stand up and play their best in this game.